— Ultimate Crypto Trading Strategy — Features and Tutorial

  • Ability to work on any time-frame / Candle type the user desires.
  • SAFEGUARD mode that enables Buy/Sell signals only when a different timeframe has a buy/Sell signal aswell. (i.e 2H must be a Buy in order for you in a 1H chart see a buy on that candle).
  • Resistances/Supports levels (TD Sequential, Pivot Points, Intraday Pivots)
  • Bearish/Bullish Regular or Hidden Divergences
  • HH, LL, LH, HL Markers on pivot points to understand the status of the trend.
  • Auto Fibonacci Levels calculator to see Fibonacci levels on up or down trends!
  • Ichimoku cloud, lines and cross signals
  • Take Profit levels
  • Stop Loss Level (Automatic or Customizable)
  • Low Volatility Alerts, signaling when a Squeeze is active and a signal when release occurs UP or DOWN!!!
  • Safe_Mode enabling the script to search for additional crtieria and get safer signals
  • Potential bottoms Signal, let you know when is a good time to buy.
  • Bollinger Bands Breakout alert.
  • Early Sell/Early Buy alerts.
  • Alerts available for any signal in the script (users can receive this alerts through email or SMS)
  • NO Repaint at all once candle is closed.
UCTS Menu in Tradingview


Features Tutorial:

UCTS Backtesting results 4H /USDT Binance pairs
UCTS Backtesting results 4H /BTC Binance Pairs
UCTS Backtesting results 4H/12H/1D/2D BITMEX Pairs
The type of alert depends on how do you want to receive them but i recommend “Once per Bar Close” so you only get the final signal in each candle!

Optional Script Features:

Notice that R or H signals on divergences are for Regular or Hidden divergences, while green are for bullish and red for bearish divergences.
Potential Bottom Indicator
As you can see in the picture above, Bitcoin has been in a choppy market for the last 12 days moving in a range of 4% up and down, meaning that any BUY signal or SELL signal under this period is under low volatility that will make it harder to trade with a good profitability.
See? almost same period as the picture before but 20% total movements =)
Update: Now there is a feature that will avoid trades on Squeeze ON if activated!
  • Uptrend when we are above the cloud, so every buy signal above the ichimoku cloud is a stronger buy signal than a regular one.
  • Downtrend when we are below the cloud, so every sell signal below the ichimoku cloud is a stronger sell signal than a regular one.
  • Ichi Cloud could act as a resistance/support zone so take this in count if you are buying or selling.
  • Tenkan and Kinjun lines are important to track since their cross could signal a change in the trend… see picture below:
Crossover/crossunder of tenkan line and kinjun line may signal change in the trend. Use the arrows that the script gives you to quickly see this:
  • Enter a buy order near identified levels of support and a sell order when the pair nears resistance.
  • Pivot points also allow breakout traders to identify key levels that need to be broken for a move to qualify as a strong momentum move.
  • Sentiment (or trend) traders use pivot points to help determine the bullishness or bearishness of a currency pair.
Early buy signal
Auto Fibonacci Settings
Auto Fibonacci displaying retracement levels in the chart.
TP Flags showing where is recommended to take profits
Stop Loss Settings
Stop Loss horizontal line showing where to place your stop loss in a trade.
Supports (green) and resistances (red) displayed in the chart

Additional tips:

  • When the trend is strong to the upside, you can add a 10/20 filter to sell signals (check advanced settings). It will avoid the additional entries at going up
  • Similar when trend is strong to the downside, adding 10/20 on buys or safemode = 2 will remove noise =)
  • I personally use 1d and 6h timeframes with the UCTS, have alerts in both. The 1d tell me what is the overall trend of the asset and the 6h fix me for the entries or exits.



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