UCTS Trendfinder Tool

2 min readNov 25, 2019

A complement feature of the UCTS indicator

The UCTS Trendfinder tool allows the user to see multiple timeframes at the same time on a signle chart of the UCTS indicator Buy & Sell signals.

The indicator is distributed on 5different lines, each representing a timeframe that can be configured from the settings. (Default being 12H, 8H, 6H, 4H, 2H (Top to bottom view))

While RED color indicates a period of “Sell Signal” Active and GREEN indicates a period of “Buy Signal” active on that specific timeframe.

How to use it?

Search for stronger trends

Searching for confluence of 1 single color across all timeframes (High and Low) may signalize a strong trend going into that direction that can help you to identify “Stronger” trades on a specific timeframe.

Look at the picture below where a Sell signal appears on the 2H chart (at the same time UCTS Trendfinder signalling a RED color across all timeframes 12H — 1H) leading to a 20% drop in price in a week time period.

Another example for a Buy signal

Identifying change on Trends

The UCTS Trendfinder is also helpful to identify when a trade could be changing its direction, making you aware on when to start locking a position/profit or updating your active SL.

Look at the example on ADABTC 1D chart below:

If after reading this guide you want to try the strategy, reach out to me on twitter or tradingview or my website (Cryptontez.com). I will grant you access for 10 days so you can try it yourself!

I will try to keep this guide updated with every patch or upgrade we deploy to the strategy.

Happy trading!




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