TradingView Backtesting Tool.

Easy way to extract backtesting results into an excel from tradingview.

How it works

Requirements to use the TradingView AutoAlerts

  • Windows OS

How to install

  1. Download and install the Selenium library for Microsoft Excel from

How to use

  1. Once you’ve installed all the files, open the TradingView Backtesting Tool

Important: Keep the naming convention, it needs to be exactly as it appears in TradingView.

Image for post
Image for post

3. Click Run Backtesting on TradingView

4. Once Tradingview opens, check that the only indicator added to the chart is the one you want to backtest , then click OK in the msgbox that excel will show.

5. Wait for it to finish and that’s it!

Potential Errors and Fixes

  • SessionNotCreatedError Line 33…:
    Download this custom version of the chromedriver patch.

Hope you find it useful and it saves a lot of time on your trading adventure :)

BTW, if you want a custom version for any other script, shoot me a DM on Twitter or Tradingview :)

Happy Trading!

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Bitcoin guardian and Pine Script enthusiast. Main developer of the Excel Trading Bot for Crypto. Check my trading scripts here:

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