TradingView AutoAlerts Tool.

How it works

Requirements to use the TradingView AutoAlerts

  • Being a user of the UCTS
  • Tradingview Paid Account (so it allow you to set alerts!)
  • Having Microsoft Excel installed.
  • Windows OS

How to install

  1. Download and install the Selenium library for Microsoft Excel from
  2. Download the latest ChromeDriver from google:
  3. Replace the Chromedriver found in C:\Users\CryptoNTez\AppData\Local\SeleniumBasic with the downloaded ChromeDriver file. (notice that “CryptoNTez” is my username, you should use your own on your pc!)
  4. Download the Tradingview AutoAlerts from this link.

How to use

  1. Once you’ve installed all the files, open the TradingView AutoAlerts
  2. Fill-in the table with all the alerts that you want to create in TradingView. Important: Keep the naming convention, it needs to be exactly as it appears in TradingView.

Potential Errors and Fixes

  • SessionNotCreatedError Line 33…:
    Download this custom version of the chromedriver patch.
  • Error 91:
    Go to the selenium folder
    there is a folder there that is called “scripts”
    try to run the one that is “Start Chrome”
    and install Frameworks 3.5 when requested.
  • “”Ultimate Crypto trading strategy not found. Closing tool” :
    Make sure to remove all the other indicators on your chart (even volume!) when running the tool!



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