Excel Trading bot for Binance


  • Executes Buy or Sell orders automatically in Binance
  • Searches for Signals to execute in TradingView Automatically every X amount of time
  • Current version can trade any /BTC /USDT Pair. (more to come in the near future)
  • Automatically switches alerts in trading view from Buy to Sell. (This allow you to have more tradingview alerts set up since you can use the same signal for buy or sell =))
  • Trade amount in each signal customizable
  • Signals timeouts customizables
  • No need to APIs or remote connections, the bot runs in your machine on a Chrome browser session :)
  • Auto Trailing stop setting to push your stop loss with price movements.
  • Take-Profit settings to execute taking profit orders at customizable levels
  • Limit or Market orders customizables
A window with all the details of whats going at any time is provided


  • TradingView Account (any profile is fine but take in count that with premium accounts you will be able to handle more alerts (signals)
  • Binance Account with some $
  • Windows OS
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Chrome Browser
  • Selenium Library installed (steps below)


How to use the bot.

Follow these Steps to use the bot correctly:

1) Alerts Setup:

2) Alerts Setup:

3) Trailing Stop:

4) Alerts Auto Switch:

How to Install:

  1. Download and install the Selenium library for Microsoft Excel from the github


  1. Why Trailing Stop column is showing a “executed” value on a row of the excel spreadsheet?
    The word “executed” on the trailing stop loss column means that the price of the asset went below the current trailing stop value
    therefore it was sold but current sell limit order in binance.
  2. Why Take Profit column is showing a “ Locked” value on a row of the excel spreadsheet?
    Locked on a take profit columns means that the target at that level % was achieved and therefore the bot executed the %amount for that take profit.
  3. (users question) // “When I am using the Excel Bot and I need to switch off the computer for 1 hour, when I am come back the Bot will resume or refresh its last trading? I am asking if bot will still know when he did his last “buy” action and waiting for sell or this bot will forget about it?”
    yes, all trades and statuses are recorded on the spreadsheet;
    make sure to have a long timeoff so you dont miss a signal because of time disconnected.
  4. (users question) // “when I am using the Bot nonstop for 1 day and then I would like to change setting for example ..would it cancel and forget previous trades or not?”
    No, it wont cancel previous trades but new ones will use the new settings
  5. (users question) // “I want to set up alerts in tradingview but I dont want the bot to trade them!. How can I do it?”
    Just avoid “Buy” ,“Sell”, “Long” or “Short” keywords in the message of the alert that you set up in tradingview and the bot will not be triggered under this alerts!




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